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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to move a google site from a google app account (domain) to another

The idea is: add the administrator of the target domain name as owner of the first one, then copy the site. The difficulty comes from the fact that when you're logged in as admin on the target domain you don't see the source domain name listed...

Suppose you have a google app under domain name You have built a web site named "foo" and you want to move it another google app account named

Step 1: login under your admin account on source,com google app (probably from
Step 2: go to sharing page (hit the Share button, top right).
Step 3: add the administrator of domain as owner (of, e.g. you share source,com with
Step 4: logout from admin account and login as admin at
Step 5: visit , Or if you want you can go to but even if you see all the sites inside target,com you still don't see the site from even if you are the owner of it since step 3. That's because Google writes "My Sites in" so they don't include sites from other accounts.
Step 6: Now that you are in "My sites in", click on the site you want to import (eg. click on, the site to copy to
Step 7: From choose manage sites from the menu.
Step 8: Select Copy this site. Enter a site name, for example bar, it'll be appended Next to .
Step 9: click COPY. Wait. It's done. 

Now the new site,com is a copy of You should Login under the admin of and remove the account from the owners list.


It seems this free fine app does exactly that : Site Copier for Google Apps

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